Located in the Meadowood Mall.
Located in the Meadowood Mall.

Santa Cruz Sushi in the News

Since opening in the Meadowood Mall Food Court, Santa Cruz Sushi has impressed local Reno foodies. This in turn has led to us being featured in local papers and news outlets. Below is an archive of the times our premium sushi burrito wraps have been featured.

Santa Cruz Sushi on KRXI Fox 11 Reno


Published on Jan 11, 2016

RENO, Nev. - If you love sushi then we have the the place for you -- Ian McDowell, owner of Santa Cruz Sushi stopped by with his business partner to show us a brand new way to do sushi that will have your mouth watering!

Santa Cruz Sushi on Reno News & Review


Published on April 28th, 2016

Todd South of Reno News & Review recently stopped by and did a restaurant review of Santa Cruz Sushi. In summary South said, "The things that worked really worked, so I now have an incentive to go to the mall. If you’re in the mood for sushi and short on time, these wraps make for a quick and delicious meal on the go.". Read the rest of his article here!

Santa Cruz Sushi in the Reno Gazette-Journal


On December 31st, 2015, Caren Robin wrote an article titled 2 for $20: Sushi wraps? They're happening at Santa Cruz Sushi. Read it here.

Santa Cruz Sushi Reviews

Read up on Reviews that are customers have left us on Facebook and Yelp below.


Yelp Reviews


My hopes, dreams and expectations all whirled around my head as I stood in front of Santa Cruz Sushi in the malls food court. Staring at the white board of "wraps" listed and other little side dishes too, I kept thinking over and over...please be good, please be amazing, please be a decent size! I mean, just the thought of a 'sushi burrito' as all my friends have come to call it, had me jumping up and down in my mind...in my mind I was bouncing off the walls, excited to try this new hot ticket item!!

Now remember, this IS a food court... So having the white board menu, with everything written in dry erase was no big deal at all to me, it was expected.

There was no line at all, in between lunch and dinner rush right around 4 o'clock I had time to stand and read the whole menu twice before deciding and walking right up to the cashier! The one that caught my eye first was the #6 Deep Fried wrap, which had Salmon, Spicy Crab, Crispy Shrimp, Cream Cheese, Spicy Mayo, Teriyaki, Sriracha, (which is spelled wrong on their board lol) and green onion. I also ordered Miso soup.
The wait wasn't long at all, but I did take a minute to snap a few pictures and even catch a picture of an employee making the rolls! They were all very nice and didn't mind my picture taking but embraced it.

First of all...this is NOTHING like a hand roll when compared to size!!!! This dang "wrap" truly is more like a burrito! I see why my friends are calling it that. I barely finished it...and every single bite was better than the last! This fricken thing is amazing...like I found the holy grail...and for only 10$ a burrito!? (Ok, So, I'm officially calling it a burrito now...because that's what it is damnit!!)

A huge, flavorful, sushi burrito worth every penny is what it is!!! And the Miso soup was a nice, warm compliment to the sushi burrito! I'll be back alright...I'll probably go broke here!

- Stephanie G.


I never forget a food recommendation, so imagine my delight when I realized that this sushi joint in the mall specializes in sushiritos! I heard the voice of Michael T from the not-so-distant past telling me: "Traaaacy...you've GOT to try a sushirito if you get a chance!" There may have been a glowing blue figure pointing at Santa Cruz as well...


So I did!  Husband tried to argue against it, because the combination of sushi and burrito to him sounded unnatural.  Let's just say, he sure was eyeballing my sushirito later, and I REFUSED TO SHARE! Is it the greatest sushi I've ever had? Certainly not.  In fact, the amount of fish in the roll seemed a little skimpy (I had the #4).  But overall I thought it was a really great meal for $10! I very much enjoyed the texture over everything.  The perfectly cooked soft rice and the smooshy crab combined with the crunchy veggies was so nice.  I went with a sauce that the cashier recommended, but I still found the first half to be a bit bland, so I went back to the counter to grab some soy sauce, and a few squirts of that really brightened up the second half.


In a town bogged down with AYCE sushi restaurants, this is a nice alternative.  You can get a quick sushi fix on the cheap without worrying if you're hungry enough to get your money's worth.  Also, sushirito is a lot more portable!  Although this won't replace a visit to one of Reno's many, many, many sushi bars, it does fill a new niche, and for that I will happily give them my business again.

- Tracy R.


When I heard a sushi place was opening in the mall I was kind of nervous but I figure it would be a sushi burrito place and I was right. I was more than excited to see it open within the same week I heard about it. They have great and friendly service along with quality sushi. They offer raw and cooked fish, chicken, veggie rolls, and even deep fried rolls. It's a great place for vegans as well because their tempura batter doesn't contain any eggs. Along with the rolls their menu offers mussels, tuna poke nachos, miso soup, and cheese wontons.


Ive tried the salmon roll and the veggie roll. I usually opt for vegan options but I figured I would try the salmon since it is a sushi joint, the fish to rice ratio was more than decent and it was delicious. The veggie roll has veggie tempura and it's now my all time favorite. The orders come with different choices of sauce that you can choose from, I always get wasabi, but they offer sriracha,  teriyaki, ginger, soy sauce, and other sauces. Santa Cruz Sushi is now my go to lunch spot when I have long shifts. Highly recommend it if you're looking for a quick sushi fix!

-Dora N.


I won't make this lengthy because people hate lengthy.


I love this place. I work in the mall and any day I don't bring my lunch, I'm here. It's taken over my Le Crepe obsession! The boys here are sweet and so nice, I basically would come back just for them! The service it's truly amazing.


On to the sushi, it's decent. Not the best I've had but totally not the worst! It's fresh and they are sticklers about cleanliness (eye witness account). Their appetizers are tasty and I've had 5/12 of their rolls. Constantly tasty. Their sauces are good and some homemade!

They just started a fast pass thing for those of us who work in the mall because the line can be rough including a free drink. So ask them about it if you work here!

-Grace S


I have only tried #1 - shrimp and it was Great!  Can't wait to come back and try s ok me of the others. $10 per "burrito." I would say equivalent to 3 or 4 normal sushi rolls. Great alternative to AYCE. Staff was friendly and helpful.

-Jonathan L.


Num num num num num.  So glad I finally got to try this place.  I have been a few times since it opened but the line was huge and I could not hang around.  Today I walked in at 11:15 and could not believe there was no line.  What luck.  There were two people waiting on orders before mine but it took no time at all for them to put the food together.  I had the Rainbow.  Salmon, tuna, spicy crab, fish eggs, cucumber and carrots.  The carrots made me scratch my head at first because I am not used to having them in seafood but the crunch was a great compliment to the texture.  This roll does generally not come with a sauce so the prep guy suggested some ponzu sauce which was a great suggestion.  They do not put wasabi directly into the rolls because some folks don't care for the spice but he also put together a little mix of wasabi and soy for me in a little container since the order was to go.  Great service and the food was excellent.  Don't let the location in a mall food court fool you.  This food is every bit as fresh and tasty as the best sushi joints in Reno and Sparks.

- Curtis H.

Facebook Reviews


Sushi Burrito! Where Japanese and Mexican cuisine concepts collide. Actually, other than the fact it's referred to as a burrito, there's nothing Mexican about this dish.


-- Rainbow (salmon, tuna, yellowtail, crab, fish eggs, avocado, cucumber and carrots wrapped in seaweed) --


For the most part this tasted pretty much like a regular sushi long roll. I thought the carrots were an odd addition. For $10 and being from the food court inside Meadowood Mall, it was decent. I'm glad I tried it but I am going to stick to getting my sushi from traditional sushi joints. ‪#‎RenoFoodie‬ ‪#‎Reno‬ ‪#‎Foodie‬

-Reno Foodie


Definitely worth the wait! Super friendly staff, and amazing food! The scallop wrap and rainbow wrap are delicious. So are the mussels and miso soup. With the reasonable prices, I have no complaints! I would definitely stop by again!

-Jennifer Woods


I loved my wrap (#4), and the crew was very humorous in their struggle of being so busy. This will be a very successful business once more staff gets hired on otherwise I'd say this place was amazing! (Especially for mall food) everything was fresh, warm, and delicious!

-Haleigh Williams


Incredible, convenient rolls, good service, and the friendliest staff EVER. LOVE LOVE LOVE! Working in the mall, I have a whole food court full of options, and I'll still probably only eat here from now on.

-Noelle Johnson


This was even more amazing than I had expected and hoped for! I'll definitely will be coming back to the mall just for sushi! #6 was perfect. Loved it! Try it!

-Amanda Brierton


Stopped by after Christmas shopping, not only were they super polite, but the food is amazing. The tempura platter is the best I've had so far, and their fish tacos are delicious. Everything is super fresh too! Definitely going to be a regular here.

-Marco Covarrubias


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